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Flower Essence Alchemy
is A FREE ONLINE WORKSHop for witches, healers, practitioners, coaches and other Revolutionaries.

Flower essences are one of the most overlooked botanical preparations with profound healing implications for our world. Flower essences are an energetic preparation of flowers primarily used to address issues related to the emotions, mind and soul. They work on the various energy pathways such as the acupuncture meridians to create health and well-being on multiple levels. One of the most important aspects of flower essences is that they are a gentle, safe, efficacious and versatile remedy for the whole family at every stage of life.

Flower essences can be easily combined and integrated into many healthcare modalities, therapy, magic and ritual. 

This online class will explore how our flower essences can help us move through overwhelm, trauma, anxiety, grief, and apathy, into passion, purpose, and collective healing. We'll delve into consciously partnering with these sweet blooms to reconnect to and open the heart, mend the mind, engage the spirit and nourish our bodies.

You'll walk away with clear steps forward to create your own heart-healing apothecary, daily rituals, and how to begin bringing these potent allies into your family life or professional practice.

March 8th 2pm PST / 5pm EST.


Riyana Rose is a Certified Western Herbalist, Counselor, and all-around witchy woman.  She's taught and sees clients in the SF Bay Area, and internationally, for over 15 years.

Some of the beautiful organizations she's been privileged to work with include Reclaiming, the Instutite of Urban Homestead, the Revolutionary Living Institute, Homestead Apothercary, Ohlone School of Herbal Studies, the Biofuel Oasis, Earth Activist Training, and Petaluma Bounty.

She thinks of herself as a mystical witch, and adores experiential, ecstatic, direct experience of the Divine and guiding others to get there, too, through the tools she teaches and the rituals she helps create. She is devoted to teaching about connection to nature through our relationships with the green ones, animals, and the fey, and utilizing ritual technologies such as aspecting, trance, and devotion that empower us move out of our minds and into connection with spirit. 

In her private practice, she works extensively with issues of the heart and womb, including anxiety, depression, grief, loss, infertility, and pregnancy and postpartum challenges. She also practices as a master-level coach and works with women to build heart-based businesses, live soulfully, and express themselves as authors of their own lives and creative works.


Ursula Ferreira is that witchy friend you call when you need a cup of tea and some practical magic.  She delights in living from the juicy center of life, and in empowering other folks to do the same.  With a background in empowered birth, transformational bodywork, biodynamic craniosacral, holistic sexuality and kitchen witchery, she offers a variety of pathways for people to step into a more embodied, delicious and connected life.  


Ursula Ferreira... An early interest in midwifery let Ursula to study birth, sex, healing touch and women’s mysteries.  When she began studying craniosacral  work in 2008 she knew she had found the embodied philosophy for her work, where the innate intelligence of life, called ‘the Breath of Life’ by cranio folks, is understood to be at the center of all things~and so each of us is an on-going expression of this intelligence, with access to its wisdom and regenerative power.

Her work and personal journeying around pleasure, sexuality and sensuality revealed wisdom concealed by puritanical and patriarchal oppression~that pleasure is the key to our vitality, pointing us in the direction of great creativity, well-being and intimacy, with ourselves, each other and the world.  This kind of pleasure is love-in-action and always available.

Most recently, she has created magic potions for juicy people with her new line of flower/gem essences based on Goddess archetypes to support the full flowering of the Sacred Feminine for all.  Apothecary for the Soul, her flower essence line, makes "practical magic for creating beauty and nourishing strength."