It's the Season of the Witch...
Now is the Time to Embrace Her Within You.

Own Your Magic is A FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP that goes into crafting magic into your own life everyday-- through transformative spellwork, divination, and beginning to tap into the magic and medicine of the herbal world. 

It's time for you to...

  • Leave behind any last vestiges of “Who am I to do this?” and deepen into your personal power, get clarity on your path forward, and pursue your heart’s desires with confidence and courage.

  • Pour your focus and soul into your goals and visions, so that your living not only from your mind and intentions, but whole-heartedly.

  • Make decisions from a sense of inner-knowing, instead of fear, anxiety, the expectations of others, and FOMO.

  • Get diamond-bright clarity that pulls your forward, so that you’re not “waiting” or “pushing” anymore, but living and being.

This ninety-minute deep dive is about learning to own your magic and devoting your yourself to the the things that matter most. It's about showing up soulfully, aligned with nature, and whole-hearted.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your notebook or journal, and join me for this FREE, one-hour online workshop.

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Riyana Rose is a Certified Western Herbalist, Counselor, and all-around witchy woman. She's taught and sees clients in the SF Bay Area, and internationally, for over 15 years.

She thinks of herself as a mystical witch, and adores experiential, ecstatic, direct experience of the Divine and guiding others to get there, too, through the tools she teaches and the rituals she helps create. She is devoted to teaching about connection to nature through our relationships with the green ones, animals, and the fey, and utilizing ritual technologies such as aspecting, trance, and devotion that empower us move out of our minds and into connection with spirit. 

In her private practice, she works extensively with issues of the heart and womb, including anxiety, depression, grief, loss, infertility, and pregnancy and postpartum challenges. She also practices as a master-level coach and works with women to build heart-based businesses, live soulfully, and express themselves as authors of their own lives and creative works.