A Journey to Full Vitality, Power-From-Witihin, Whole-Heartedness, and True Healing with Riyana Rose Sang (& Some Amazing Guests)

A Journey to Full Vitality, Power-From-Witihin, Whole-Heartedness, and True Healing with Riyana Rose Sang (& Some Amazing Guests)

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The Rosa Mystica Mastermind is centered on unleashing our incandescent, unapologetic, sovereign, whole-hearted selves so that we can be world-shifters and heart-warriors in the ways that call us -- as writers, entrepreneurs, mothers and parents, creatives and practitioners..

It’s about reclaiming our own vital energy, moving through fatigue, depression, burnout, eternal procrastination, demoralization, and rediscovering and reclaiming our power-from-within.

In the cauldron of a small, intimate group of healers, makers, and rabble-rousers committed to moving through the heartgate into full vitality and authenticity, so that we live and create and parent from a place of fierce-self-love, courage, and vulnerability, healing heartbreak, trauma, and the worthiness wound that keeps so many of us playing small, along the way.

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This Mastermind is Perfect for you if you are:

  • A practitioner, entrepreneur, writer or creative who wants to bring a deeper sense of energy, embodiment, alignment and soul to your work.

  • Ready to overcome anxiety, depression, and patterns of procrastination, overwhelm, smallness, giving your power away, or not charging what you’re worth.

  • Ready to stop giving yourself away, to clean up power leaks and drains, and channel all of your desire, brilliance, witchiness and erotic life-force energy into the things you love.

  • Struggling with low energy, fatigue, feelings of sexlessness, apathy, and brain fog... any of the classic symptoms of fatigue, burnout, hormonal disregulation, and being stuck in a slump... and want to get your groove back in ways that are soul-affirming, grounding, and truly in alignment with your values and the yearnings of your heart and spirit.

  • Mired in challenges around the worthiness-wound, which can show up as shame, guilt, body image issues, feeling like life is passing you by, disconnection from yourself (and your partner and loved ones)

  • A postpartum mama, parent, or anyone feeling like grief or life transition has left them without the vitality, clarity, and chutzpah they once had.

At the end of this 6-month journey, you will:

  • Be able to more organically tap into your creativity, desire, and magic.

  • Infuse your life with more ritual, spontaneity, presence and meaning.

  • Craft your own personal “Love Witch Apothecary” filled with hormone-balancing and stress-relieving superfoods, tonics, balms, body oils, and infused honeys.

  • Design a 2019 plan for seasonal wellness and strategic manifestation of your heart-body-mind-soul goals that goes far beyond New Year’s Resolutions and Intentions and becomes a blueprint for living and thriving next year.

  • Experience more energy in your daily life, and more erotic energy in the bedroom and beyond.

  • Have the vitality to finish your creative projects, pursue your passions & feel more presence and joy every day.

  • Boost your confidence and charisma in a wholehearted, authentic way.

  • Create a daily practice of fierce self-care that will help you move through the worthiness wound so many of us experience and integrate shadow aspects of your personality, so that you experience radical self-love and wholeness / holiness.

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Here’s How It Works:

The Rosa Mystica Mastermind is made up of 4 content- rich, experiential, in-depth modules,
opening and culminating in two heart-expanding, mind-blowing, witchy-as-fuck retreats.

Part I: Crafting the Love-Witch Apothecary

Your personally-curated, handcrafted apothecary will consist of:

  • Balms, salves, and creams.

  • Herb-infused body oils & honeys

  • Essential oils for heart and body, mind and soul

  • Daily tonics and nourishing infusions

  • Delicious, grounding herbal nightcaps

  • Energizing superfoods, adaptogens, and aphrodisiacs like: Cocao, Ashwaganda, Kava kava, and Damiana

  • Tinctures and cordials

    Optional book club book: Bell Hooks, All About Love.

In this module, we’ll work on making the magic- infused medicines that will support us the entire duration of the program and open the path towards being fully-nourished, fiercely self-loving, and open to the sweet healing and abundance of the earth.

We’ll keep our focus on the plants and superfoods that help us balance our hormones, reclaim our energy, and shower self-love upon our bodies and spirits, while also giving you a strong foundation in making herbal medicines that can keep you and your family well throughout the year (so that you can stop paying tons of bucks to Whole Foods and the supplement companies... cultivating our maker-selves and creative-selves, instead of simply buying and consuming things that are loaded with toxins, not sustainably produced, and expensive).

Part II: Reclaiming Your Power for Truly Vivacious Energy & Ultimate Confidence

  • Fierce Self-Care vs Coping: going deeper and developing the inner compass that consistently helps you find resilience, true healing, transformation, and courage during times of heartache, grief, and overwhelm.

  • Tantric-inspired breathwork to raise your energy levels and vibration when you feel burned-out, exhausted, disconnected from your own heart and purpose, and out-of-alignment.

  • Working with the jade egg to reinvigorate your sensuality, center yourself within your own experience of desire, strengthen your pelvic and find ultimate health-and-vitality deep at the root.

  • Balancing your hormones through herbs specifically chosen to target stress, fatigue, metabolic imbalances such as low thyroid and adrenal fatigue, and renew your physical vitality.

In this module, we’ll put an end to fatigue and power leaks while tapping into the transformative potential of our authentic desires, learning how to source our power-from-within.

We’ll reclaim our innocence, play, rawness, and confidence from the experiences of trauma and heartbreak of the past, all the while super-charging our erotic energy (aka, life-force energy), confidence, and daily vitality.

Some of the tools and practices included in this module are:

  • Distilling down to our authentic desires through guided journaling, coaching, working with beliefs and overcoming patterns of procrastination, overwhelm and fear.

Part III: Reclaiming Our Light: Working with the Shadow for Whole-Heartedness and Healing the Worthiness Wound

Some of the tools we’ll dive into in this module are:

  • The Fear Inventory: how to identify and banish the unconscious fears that hold you back.

  • The Shadow: how to integrate the parts of yourself that are hard to see and even harder to love. Working with the rose-egg and other crystals for deeply pleasurable, radical self-love. Healing the worthiness wound.

  • De-spelling what holds you back: the rite of unbinding.

Optional book club book: Brene Brown, I thought it was just me.

In this module, you’ll learn to know and love yourself in all of your parts, moving through shame, guilt, fear, patterns of hiding or playing small, and loneliness into uninhibited self-expression, devoted daily practice, and playing all-out for the greater good of our world.

Having reclaimed your energy and your power, cleared the clutter, and nourished yourself on all levels, you’ll be ready to pour your passion, creativity and brilliance into the things you love— and create the boundaries that will give you consistent focus and forward momentum.

Part IV: Crafting Patterns & Rituals for Continuous Momentum, Inevitable Success & Everyday Erotic Vitality

You'll learn:

  • Recalibrating and honing your daily ritual, including a mini-ritual for busy times and travel.

  • Seasonal self-care: aligning your daily practice with the cycle of the seasons to boost your immune health, clear away everyday challenges such as allergies, cramps and migraines that sap your energy and keep you home and in bed when you’d rather be out hussling and making.

  • Special herbal regimines and superfoods for special needs: working with anxiety, depression, low thyroid, and other chronic conditions.

  • Embodiment Matters: laziness vs tiredness, finding the movement that melts your heart, and rediscovering play and the wisdom of the body.

  • Ritual bathing, holy waters, and working with the magic of the moon.

In this module, we’ll clarify and cement the practices, patterns, herbal care regimens and magic from the past six months into a cohesive whole so that this truly becomes the work that changes everything, helping you to sustain the healing habits of fierce self-care and abundant energy from the past six months.

We’ll recalibrate them from this new place, a place of greater vitality, while also taking into consideration special needs and special situations.

We’ll bring in the embodiment full-on and find ways to bring the magic of the body into our everyday lives.

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Here’s what’s included:

  • Monthly group video training & mastermind coaching calls

  • Guest-expert training calls handpicked to match the desires and hopes of our sweet circle: possibilities include experts in using your voice and putting your message into the world; reclaiming your energy and overcoming adrenal fatigue; rekindling your erotic intelligence and delving into the practice of the jade egg.

  • One whole-hearted Passion Project “Get It Done Day” intensive.

  • Access to my past program library of herbal classes, calls & resources.

  • Rosa Mystica Mastermind online forum.

  • Optional Book Club Calls (and the books!)

  • Handcrafted herbal gifts & goodies.

  • A supportive, intimate community of powerhouse witches, writers, creatives, healers & visionaries.

  • We'll begin and end in immersive retreats that will get you out of mundane thinking and patterns and into the magic of your heart. These retreats are devoted to your realignment with your body and soul, opening to the voices of the plants and your guides, and stepping into your power and your full vitality.
    (accommodations and transportation are not included in the price of the program).

  • Medicine making skill-building so that you can craft your own personal unique "Love Witch" apothecary, filled with balms, infused oils and honeys, cordials, and more.

  • One full-day Private Retreat where we can go in-depth into removing the blocks to your own vivacious thriving energy, customize your herbal and superfood daily rituals, and work through the things that keep you stuck.

  • Monthly one-on-one (in-person or distance) coaching sessions.


About Your Guide:


Riyana Rose Sang

Riyana Rose is a Certified Western Herbalist, Counselor, and all around witchy woman.  She has been seeing 
clients and teaching about magic, ritual, herbalism, and women's empowerment in the SF Bay Area, and 
internationally,  for over 15 years. She holds an MA in Women's Spirituality, and is also a 
Certified Master Level Life Coach, and is the former Program Director for the Ohlone School of 
Herbal Studies, which is one of the largest clinical herbal medicine programs in the US.

Her work is a combination of practical magic, mysticism, embodiment, 
and getting down and dirty in the kitchen, apothecary, and bedroom.

Her work has been published in Bustle Magazine, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, and beyond.

Some of the beautiful organizations she's been privileged to work with include Reclaiming, 
the Institute of Urban Homesteading, the Revolutionary Living Institute, Homestead Apothecary, 
Earth Activist Training, and Petaluma Bounty.