3 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm, Banish Stress, Ease Anxiety & Sleep Deeply with Smart, Soulful Herbal Medicine

Sweet Serenity is A FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP that will show you 3 essential steps towards creating mental and emotional wellness through the potent healing power of medicinal herbs.

In this content-rich, soulful deep dive, we'll cover natural botanical medicines that help with both the symptoms and root causes of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, irritability, fatigue, burn-out, insomnia, and daily, chronic stress.  

We'll also touch on the heart herbs -- those that help us in times of sorrow, grief, depression, betrayal and heartache. 

You'll also learn about the plants that can recalibrate your hormones (because cortisol, insulin, and thyroid hormone all have a huge impact on your mind and heart), give you back your energy, and help you connect to all that is sweet in the world once again-- even (or especially!) in these hard times.

So that you can own your magic.

So that you can show up for the things that matter most.

Soulfully. Aligned with nature. Whole-hearted.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your notebook or journal, and join me for this FREE, one-hour online workshop.

Riyana Rose is a Certified Western Herbalist, Counselor, and all-around witchy woman. She's taught and sees clients in the SF Bay Area, and internationally, for over 15 years.  In her private practice, she works extensively with issues of the heart and womb, including anxiety, depression, grief, loss, infertility, and pregnancy and postpartum challenges.

Some of the beautiful organizations she's been privileged to work with include Reclaiming, the Institute of Urban Homesteading, the Revolutionary Living Institute, Homestead Apothecary, Ohlone School of Herbal Studies, the Biofuel Oasis, Earth Activist Training, and Petaluma Bounty.