Welcome to Witching Hours… a sweet and potent, truly transformational tarot + coaching experience for creating cosmic shifts, lickty-split, yet here to stay.

  • One bomb-ass, down-to-the-roots 90 minute tarot session.

  • One intense, alchemize-your-lead-feet-into-gold coaching session to heal old wounds and catalyze new patterns.

  • One savvy, specific, action-oriented strategy session so that you can take the new you out into the old world and shake it up. A lot.

Hi, you. Magical you. Wonderful you. I’m so glad you’re here.

At the core of this new offering is a question:

Have you ever had a tarot reading, coaching session, or gone to an amazing spiritual retreat, and left felt amazingly aligned and energized, only to find that after a few days, you’re just as stuck as you were before, and you’ve stopped integrating all you learned?

Within a few weeks, all the transformation, clarity, forward momentum and spiritual connection  you experienced feels distant, and hard to access...

It’s like the magic just disappears.

You might even start to wonder whether or not it was ever real to begin with....

...I know this feeling too well. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the beautiful things about delving into a spiritual practice, yoga retreat, tarot reading, or a powerful coaching program, is that the immediate result is to have an awakening, or positive shift.

Yet, no matter how powerful that experience is, we all have daily lives that can make the magic feel hard to access.  

Without ongoing support and effective, masterful one-on-one work to actually alchemize the lead into gold, it’s too easy to end up right back where we started.

Here’s another feeling you might resonate with: the sense that even though your coaching or therapeutic work is going well...there’s an aspect missing.  

There’s a part of you that it just doesn’t touch.

Or perhaps coaching and therapy don’t appeal to you because they seem to focus mainly on the mind, behavior, and strategy....

...Leaving out your intuitive, imaginative heart and soul.

Leaving out the unseen.

Leaving out the magic.

Enter Witching Hours…

Many coaching methods are great for overcoming limiting beliefs, digging around our personal emotional graveyards, and producing outward results.

And while I’ve gotten a lot out of studying and receiving coaching like this, sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough.  It can feel claustrophobic, always looking inward instead of opening up to the cosmic play of life, and love, and the elements, and the voices of our guides.

That’s why I created Witching Hours: because I wanted to integrate my own deep, potent mystical practice with proven coaching techniques, and provide ongoing support in the aftermath of transformation.

Witching Hours is about avoiding those “post-experiential” blues—the ones that come after a session or retreat—when the spark has worn off, but the longing to go deeper is still there.

It’s also a solution to coaching-based programs that don’t recognize and nourish the powerful magic within every one of us.

This program combines witchy-as-fuck magic with with proven coaching techniques to clear the internal blocks that keep you stuck and set you up for wild success in work, love, and life.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your first session will be a 90 minute deep dive to look at where you are now, where you’re going, and what needs to shift in order for you to move forward and grow towards your heart’s desires. {We’ll work with the tarot and your guides for this process, and focus on honing your intuition and accessing your inner wisdom.}

  • Your second session will be magical-coaching- work: transforming limiting beliefs, overcoming procrastination and stuck energy, delving into past stories that need to shift, and encountering and transforming the shadow.  {We may even cast  a spell --it’s been known to happen}.

  • The third session combines everything from the first two sessions with a savvy strategy and goal setting session,  so you come out of our time together knowing exactly how to implement what you’ve learned, and have concrete next steps to work on right away to bring the magic and transformation into your daily life.

You’ll come out of this process with both mystic, spiritually-inspired guidance and also practical, effective action items to create real results in your life.

It's time for you to...

  • Leave behind any last vestiges of “Who am I to do this?”and deepen into your personal power, get clarity on your path forward, and pursue your heart’s desires with confidence and courage.

  • Own your magic, even -- no, especially -- the things that feel edgy, shadowy, or lost -- and move forward on your path without constantly second-guessing yourself.

  • Ditch procrastination and overwhelm.

  • Make decisions from your heart and soul, instead of fear, anxiety, the expectations of others, and FOMO.

  • Get diamond-bright clarity that pulls your forward, so that you’re not “waiting” or “pushing” anymore.

Rebecca Rose Sang and I have taught together many times, and circled together for over fifteen years.  I’ve found her to be intuitive and inspirational as a facilitator, a compassionate counselor, as well as a gifted, lyrical, wry and funny writer, and wise beyond her years.  She’s one of my favorite people, and anyone she works with will be lucky!

— STARHAWK, author of the Fifth Sacred Thing & The Spiral Dance.
My witching hours with Riyana’s magic Infused Coaching was very effective in helping me finally move through my stagnation.  Rebecca showed me how I would continuously get to the same indecisive point over and over again, and then through her Tarot readings, strong intuition, and gifted coaching skills, gave me tools and the awareness I needed to shift my energy and get to the other side.
— Lia Venet, Women’s Wellness Coach

My Story + Intentions with This Work

I'm very excited to be moving in this direction with my work... it feels like it's been a long time coming, and yet, also just being exactly who I've always been. In fact, a little-known secret about me is that I started reading tarot when I was five years old -- my mom taught me.

At the time, I didn't realize it was anything extraordinary... (I mean, don't all nice Jewish girls learn tarot from their mothers?)

Since then, I’ve been working deeply with magic and the tarot as both a self-discovery process and a divination tool, and performed hundreds of readings for loved ones, clients, and mentors.

Being witchy isn’t something I picked up a couple of months ago from something inspired by a passing ad for Urban Outfitters (though no disrespect for those that come to the craft that way). It’s hip now, and I love that.  My love affair with this path, however, has been long and deep.  I’ve practiced over twenty years, am initiated in a long-standing tradition, and have taught internationally about spirituality, ritual, tarot, and magic.

Working as a life, business, and writing coach professionally for the past three years, I’ve helped people burst through blocks and create meaningful change in their lives.

As someone who’s seen both sides of the coaching and metaphysical worlds, I’ve grown to see what’s missing in each. This offering is intended to be a bridge; a marriage between them. Coaching clears the cobwebs within our minds, while spiritual practice, the mystical, and tarot get us out of our heads to experience ourselves and our issues from a new perspective.  

We’re working both sides of the veil.

Join me.  Own your magic and your path.

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