Opening and Closing Portals. Also, what's in a name?


Here we are, deep in the throes of Autumn. Season of ancestors, roots, rocks, falling leaves, and comfy sweaters. I hope this note finds you well!

In this little missive, I have three separate but related bits of news for you.  

  • I'm closing some doors, and opening others.
  • I'm changing my name (kinda).
  • I'm offering you a sweet (but time sensitive) deal.

Many of you know that for the last couple of monthsI've been working on an offering called "Witching Hours," which combines deep transformational coaching with tarot for a magical new perspective and alchemizing old patterns (once and for all!).  I launched a sweet online workshop series in October to kick it off, which was a beautiful, soulful experience for those who participated... if you missed it, don't fret! We'll do it again in the Spring.

n the writing side, I've been focusing on some bigger projects of my own that are intensely creatively fulfilling at times, and at other times feel exhausting from the perpetual pushing of my own edges.  Which brings us to... 

Opening Some Doors, and Closing Others.

As of the beginning of this month, I'm opening up the apothecary door and the witches' closet, and have 6 more spots for clients that are interested in empowerment, deep connection to self, vibrant energy, clarity, momentum, and healing through this blend of masterful coaching techniques and magic-- either the magic of tarot, or through the healing power of herbs and flower essences. Once these spots are taken, my roster will be full until after the New Year.

If you're interested in tackling the issues that are holding you back from being your biggest, brightest, most creative and powerful self-- emotionally, spiritually, and mentally-- I'd love to hear from you. Click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute call with me and we will uncover what the next perfect step is for you... whether that's with me or not (no strings attached). 

Keep an eye out in the next couple of months for more offerings related to herbs, tarot, and personal transformation. I have some beautiful things in the works. Which bring us to...

What's in a name?

So for the past couple of months I've been wrestling with a whole Rebecca-Riyana debate... namely, that many of you have met and know me as Rebecca (my given name), and many of you met and know me as Riyana (my name within my spiritual community and the herbalist community). How to go forward with my name, now that I'm focusing more and more on herbalism and magic, and less on business and writing coaching, has been a deep soul-searching process for me. 

One of my spiritual teachers, the lovely Luisa Teish, taught me that if we ever want to create our "spiritual autobiography," we should meditate on all the names we've ever used or been called, from those that were chosen and beloved (like my dad used to call me Baby Doll, growing up, and Jason calls me Sweetheart), to those that we turned away from and that caused us pain (my abusive boyfriend in college used to call me Becky, and when I taught at Catholic Camp, as a Jewish-Witch, I was called Becca. I have other, secret names, too, from past lives, and through Initiations I've gone through.  So all of that stuff).

{I strongly recommend you spend some time journaling and reflecting on your names as a spiritual autobiography this month}.

Witches and the wise women of the world know that names have power. 

For me, I know that when I'm called Riyana, I feel more magical and authentic. I feel connected to my spirit mission of empowering people to reclaim their wisdom ways and deep connection to self and nature. I feel awake, and in my body. So you'll be seeing that name more and more in coming months, as I get my marketing materials all converted over and such. But, if you still want to call me Rebecca, no problem. My parents gave me that name, and it's still me.

Last but not least: The Sweet Deal

Autumn, to me, is the witchiest season of the year. It's the time of year that I feel connected to soul-stirring, to nature as she gets bare and deep, to connection and family. In celebration, I'm offering $50 off for anyone who signs up for Witching Hours this month... 

Witching Hours is a Initiation... a chance to move beyond the patterns, energetic leaks and physical challenges, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and procrastination, into our strongest and most distilled selves.  To throw off the dross and step into the world with clarity, intention, awakening and momentum. It combines witchy goodness like herbs and tarot to get in touch with your own wisdom and the voices of your guides and the natural world with proven, kick-ass coaching techniques and experiential transformative processes. 

To take the first step, click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute call with me, "Prelude to a Cosmic Shift." We'll pull back the covers and take a deeper look at what's holding you back or where you're stuck, and you'll walk away with more clarity, connection, and the next perfect step for where you're at right now. 

With love and magic,

P.S. My dear friend Jasper just turned me on to Jessica Hoop, who I think makes a perfect autumn sweater, working or writing soundtrack. 

P.P.S. There's a LOT I want to say about the election. I'm still ruminating. I'll get back to you. And, I'm heartbroken. So incredibly heartbroken. Someone said to me, "It's like 9/11... you'll always remember what you were doing when you found out, and the trauma feels the same." That summed it up better than anything else I've heard. So, be gentle with yourself. Drink a lot of oatstraw and lemon balm. Connect to the things you love. Let's talk more about it soon.