Happy Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon to you...


Merry Summer Solstice to you! Today is a very special day in the heavens... one of the few times in our lifetimes that the summer solstice is perfectly aligned with the full moon. Meaning that the sun and the moon are both at full power, zapping down all kind of good blessings and energy our way down here on planet earth. It's a time for reclaiming our power and our strength after a doozy of a time this spring with all sorts of planets in retrograde, very serious human tragedies, and other challenges.

With that in mind, I thought I'd send along a piece I wrote for elephant journal, "Reclaiming Power: A Summer Sun Meditation."  It's a deep dive into looking at the places we've given our power away, and gives a working for beginning to call that power back from all the places we've given it away, lost it, or forgotten.  

On the new moon at the beginning of this month, I ceremonially ended my postpartum time and with this newsletter am "officially" ending my maternity leave, am opening my doors for business again with a new vision, new offerings, and the return of some old favorites.

My new one-on-one offering, which I just finished the beta test for and will be offering to you all in a couple of weeks, is called, "Witching Hours," and it combines deep transformational coaching with tarot for a magical new perspective and alchemizing old patterns (once and for all!). It finishes with a savvy strategizing session to put it all together so that you can take decisive action in your life that feels totally aligned with your intuition, intention, and heart (like, really do sh*t differently).

n the writing side, I've been focusing on some bigger projects of my own that are intensely creatively fulfilling at times, and at other times feel exhausting from the perpetual pushing of my own edges. Which means that I have a tad less space at the moment to add new clients to my writing coaching roster-- although I'd like to open my calendar this week and next for  exploratory sessions for writers with a hanker to get their powerful, ready-to-be-birthed words out into the world. 

I'm especially excited to connect with would-be article writers, bloggers, podcasters, and creative nonfiction folks who want to start saying things no one else is saying, or to contribute to the twitterverse in a truly innovative, unique way.  

Is that you? Our would you like it to be? Are you yearning to commit to your words in a bold, passionate way? If so, hit me up for a free Live & Write from the Depths of Your Soul Session. I'm only taking on 3 new clients this month, and I'm hoping that one of them can be you. 

Some other things on the agenda this summer: a free webinar on the secret to bringing more magic into your own offerings and delving into the tarot, herbal medicine, more amazing essays to awaken heart and soul, and some other possibilities for getting together to write virtually and locally.

With love and magic,

P.S. I am always looking for ways to get stuff done (especially as a mom with a now-walking baby, eek!), and I really, really liked this article about the Ivy Lee Method of productivity. I'll save you the time of reading it. The night before each work day, choose six (or if you're a new mom, 2-3 things) to work on the following day, and single-task each one until it's done. Voila! 

P.P.S. Here's what our friends at Mystic Mama have to say about the magic of the sun and moon today: 

My tip for this peak {of the sun and moon] is to trust your higher moral conscience, and sense of what’s true. If you sense you’re drowning in confusion, the steps to awareness could be giant ones now. You can blaze your own trail with moral courage, an open mind and willingness to question all you know……it’s possible to see through many filters, and have an exhilarating breakthrough — the kind that becomes a kind of addiction to truth seekers. The leap of logic here is that if we don’t get swamped by facts or delusions, there is a bright path to walk ahead.

P.P.P.S. I just want to honor that many of us are still feeling an overwhelming sense of pain, fear, and grief over the Orlando Pulse Attack, and that it's not simply "last week's news." I feel you. I am with you, too. Though this note is bright and cheery, I still feel the depth of this intense tragedy in my heart and the heart of my community. It will take time. I especially want to send a little prayer out to all my LGBTQII friends. Please know that I see you, I value you, and I stand with you.